A Backstory to how I’m So Goth came about. Enjoy!

I’m so Goth! was the brainchild of two people back in 2001-2002. Andrew “Sp00n” Herron and Jeremy “Crisis!” Treece. The idea came from an evening at their local nightclub “Leland City Club” in Detroit, Michigan. 

Watching the dance floor became one of our favorite parts of the night. Among the sea of bad dancers and the people we eyed suspiciously, wondering how they ended up at this club at all, wehappened to notice something great. Everyone was just dancing. Together. At the time there was no sign of prejudice because you were dressed differently, or if you had come from some other social circle. The goths danced with the ravers, the ravers danced with the hip-hoppers, the hip-hoppers danced with the creepy old lady, it was amazing to see. That inspired a conversation about a comic strip about a goth girl meeting a raver boy with social stigmas of their peers and how secretly they kinda dug each other.


Then a funny thing happened. The characters just started doing things on their own. Falling further away from the intended purpose. They became their own people, and like real people they began to write their own stories leading into the futur

At this point Sp00n had left the comic after the initial first run. I decided then to go in it alone and make it a weekly thing. Then after a few episodes another took interest in the project. Jim “Kep” Keplinger writer and letterer extraordinaire. We took the characters back to square one. Back to the intended purpose. A social view on how everyone wants to be so different, but everyone wants to be the same. I’m not sure if Jim felt this way or not, but I sure did. The process back then for the comics were kind of strange. It was like the old Marvel way of doing comics. I would draw out the comic and send it off to Jim and plead with him to make sense of it and letter it pretty.