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With less than 3 days left in the ‘I’m So Goth’ Kickstarter for Issue 2, we have introduced some pretty awesome stuff.

We posted a brand new video! It’s weird and should definitely make you uncomfortable. Go watch it. You’re welcome.

‘I’m So Goth’ Issue 2 – Welcome to the Kickstarter

We’ve added an art giveaway! One lucky backer will get the original art for the Issue 2 variant cover, 11×17- B&W w/ ink wash.

We added the bookmark! This issue’s coffin bookmark features Xen- and every backer that gets a physical copy of the book, will have one added to their package!

We upgraded to the button pack! Now the accessories tiers are going to get 4 shiny ‘I’m So Goth’ buttons!

If we can hit 200 backers by Monday at 12pm EST – we’re putting 4 more pages of brand new content in the book, including a Beary Bean Buddies short!

If we can miraculously hit 250 backers by Monday at 12pm EST – we’re ALSO adding a brand new set of Beary Bean Buddies trading cards!

We are SO close to funding its crazy! $1761 left to raise! 34 backers from new content, 84 backers from new trading cards! (as of 12:50pm Sunday Nov. 21st)

If you want to get your hands on ‘I’m So Goth’ Issue’s 1 and 2, you can head over to our Kickstarter campaign and snag them both right now!

If you can’t pick up the books – or if you already have! – please take a moment to share this post with anyone you might know that also loves comics.

Thank you so much for all of your support folks,
we appreciate every bit of it. 🖤💀🖤

– Lisa and Jeremy
The Crisishour Crew

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